Calls and Announcements

Here you'll find all the latest announcement from Nous Sommes L'Été for Quebec City and Montreal, as well as the calls for participants for our activities.

Call for participants 2024

We invite you to participate in the NSL Labs 2024!

Montreal: July 15-18, 2024, 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm
Circuit-est centre chorégraphique
1881 rue Saint-André
Montreal / Tiohtiá:ke, Quebec, H2L 3T9

Quebec City: July 22-24, 2024, 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm
Maison pour la danse de Québec
336 rue du Roi
Quebec City, Qubec, G1K 2W5

*Participation in all lab activities in each city (or both!) is encouraged, but attendance of individual activities is also welcome.

The 2024 NSL Labs remain true to their spirit as a summer camp for emerging dance artists, with a variety of activities in Montreal and Quebec City including artistic experimentation processes, workshops, and collective gathering moments called hives. The particularity this year is that you'll have the opportunity to sample different artistic processes each day, during unique 3-hour blocks of exploration. The descriptions of the experiments will not be published in advance, so we invite you to jump in and take the risk of discovering new approaches together!

Join us as a collaborator-mover (diving into experiments with other artists), an instigator (proposing and guiding an idea you'd like to try out with other participants), or just for the drop-in activities.

Rooted in peer-to-peer encounters, this special edition aims to catalyze creative dialogue through a variety of artistic activities and practices. With distinctive days filled with collective moments of learning and exchange, this format aims to offer you an adventure that will enable you to continue to define and articulate your positioning as an artist. Whether your goal is to take on future projects, or to be able to bring your interpretative and collaborative signature to a variety of experimental artistic contexts, NSL is hear to support you in your development.

*Certain activities will be adapted according to your artistic interests and needs. 

Monday 15-07-2024
10am-1pm - Opening hive
2pm-5pm - Workshop and hive

Tuesday 16-07-2024
10am-1pm - Artistic experimentation process
2pm-5pm - Artistic experimentation process

Wednesday 16-07-2024
10am-1pm - Artistic experimentation process
2pm-5pm - Artistic experimentation process

Thursday 18-07-2024
10am-1pm - Artistic experimentation process or workshop/hive
2pm-5pm - Closing hive

Monday 22-07-2024
10am-1pm - Opening hive
2pm-5pm - Workshop and hive

Tuesday 23-07-2024
10am-1pm - Artistic experimentation process
2pm-5pm - Artistic experimentation process

Wednesday 24-07-2024
10am-1pm - Workshop/hive
2pm-5pm - Closing hive

Accessibility and safety
If you have any accessibility needs, please let us know. Masks and health and safety measures may be required depending on the context. Please note that the studios at Circuit-est are not universally accessible.

The NSL Labs are back for summer 2024!

The NSL Labs are back! Mark you calendars for this edition's dates:

Montreal: July 15th to 18th 2024
Quebec City: July 22nd to 24th 2024

New to the NSL labs? Here's what to expect:

The summer lab of Nous Sommes L’Été is truly a summer camp for professional movement artists. It is a gathering of artists that constitutes a real hive in which you are invited to create, exchange, and experiment with people who share or complement your curiosity and your creative desires. The labs are organized by our teams in Montreal and Quebec and are based on the principles of

For the Nous Sommes l'Été  2024 labs, we're offering a slightly different format.  In the past, our team has operated primarily on a volunteer basis.  This year, we want to prioritize appropriate compensation for our team to ensure their health and the sustainability of the organization, while honouring our commitment to the dance communities of Montreal and Quebec City.

As always, there will be three types of activities: workshops, creation groups and hive activities. It will still be possible to take on various roles within the processes (e.g. performer, choreographer, outside eye, dramaturge, etc.). 

However, this year, there will be single 3-hour blocks, rather than periods of activities that follow one another throughout the week. Every day will be different! The descriptions of these experiments will not be published in advance, so we invite you to jump in and take the risk of discovering new approaches together.

NSL usually holds spring meetings to find out about the interests, desires and creative needs of artists interested in participating. This allows us to tailor workshops and mentoring to address your current artistic desires.  This year, our listening period will take another form: a short survey! Our goal is the same: to bring to light your diverse and current artistic learning needs and desires. 

End of the 2022 Summer Lab

It's already the end of the 2022 NSL Summer Labs!

It was a pleasure to exchange with you in Quebec City and Montreal during the matchmaking discussion, your creative processes and the workshops and hives. We would like to thank you for your commitment at every step of this adventure!

We enjoy your feedbacks! 

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any feedback on your experience with us this summer. Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us. They help us improve the labs and make sure they respond to your needs years after years.

We would like to underline the implication of our partners for the making of the 2022 summer labs. A big thank you to Conseil des Arts de Montréal and the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec ; the Maison pour la danse de Québec and l'Université du Québec à Montréal ; as well as café Joe Cool in Quebec City. Finally, thank you, the participants.

The NSL Team  wishes you a wonderful end to your summer! We look forward to see you in 2023 for a next edition!

Call for participants 2022

The summer laboratories of NSL are back for 2022!

In an effort to keep supporting the development of artistic voices, this year we will gather in studios provided by l’UQAM and La Maison pour la danse de Quebec. NSL invites participants to create, share, and experiment with other artists through creation groups and weekly activities

The labs run in Quebec City from July 18th to 22nd and in Montreal from July 25th to August 5th, 2022.

Participate - 

To join the explorations, you are invited to meet with one of our organizers to talk about art, creativity and movement. We want to know what inspires you, motivates you, excites you or scares you. It is through these conversations that we are able to bring together small, fertile and cohesive teams of artists around shared interests. 

Whether you want to instigate an exploration, or encounter a process as a performer, dramaturge or other collaborator, we are here to listen!

There will be two components to the labs this year:

To arrange a meeting, fill the GOOGLE FORM before May 23rd.

Meetings with participating artists take place from May 1st to May 31st, 2022 inclusively.

The cost of participation will be announced shortly. Filling out the google form does not commit you to anything.