May Laboratories

What is it?

The May Laboratories is the meeting point between professional artists having proposed a creative process during the summer labs of the previous year and the students from LEDQ, from PPMN to third year. During two days, two creative processes will take life again, permitting new discoveries.

We are very proud of the establishment of these labs, which meet several important objectives:

  • Creating spaces to facilitate the continuation and deepening of a creative process suggested and initiated by participants from the summer laboratories from the previous years.

  • Allowing the professionnalisation of emerging artists by giving them access to a clear creation frame and a substantial remuneration.

  • Facilitating the meeting and sharing moments between students/dancers and professionals from Quebec inside a creative process.

  • Allowing the students/dancers to live a creative experience with the pressure of the performance such as a show or an exam (which is rare in the academic side of dance!).

  • Interest the May Laboratories participants to participate in the future editions of the summer labs!